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Due to an urgent need in Physics, information and electrical engineering, and material engineering, the ministry of education granted the establishment of the department in 2003. The main purpose of the Department is to cultivate technical personnel for the nation’s need for a transformation trend of the university.

The Science Building, finished in 2006, is the home of the Department of Applied Physics. Space used by the department extends throughout the Linsen Campus in the Ginye building, the Science building and Science Hall. Through various types of funding from the ministry of education, ministry of science and technology, and the university, the department is now equipped with valuable instruments that meet courses requirements both in teaching and research. Due to faculty dedication, our department has produced competitive graduates and cultivated hi-tech engineers who have created new insights in the field.

The curriculum is designed to foster technical personnel in different areas, such as photonics (photo-electronics), material science and nano-technology. Based on the traditional university background, educational courses for primary school science are also provided for those who are interested in becoming a primary school teacher. This opportunity is rare in Taiwan and illustrates our department’s uniqueness.

Department Timeline

  • 2003- Establishment of the Department of Physics and Earth Science with the permission of the Ministry of Education.
  • 2003- First year of undergraduate students.
  • 2006- Department renamed as “Department of Applied Physics.”
  • 2008- Establishment of the master’s program in Photo-Electronics and Material Science.
  • 2014- Undergraduate program divided into two divisions, “Physics Division” and “Photo-Electronics Division.”
  • 8/2003-7/2009- Dr. Woei-Yun Ho was nominated as the first department head.
  • 8/2009-7/2012- Dr. Jiann-Hsing Lee was elected as the second department head.
  • 8/2012-present- Dr. Yawteng Tseng was elected as the third department head.