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The Department of Physics is proud to have a strong faculty with its 11 members who have graduated from prestige universities around the world with a Ph. D. degree. The research specialties of the faculty include a variety of domains, such as: nanomaterial analysis, materials development, spintronics and nano-magnetic materials, opto-electro-magneto properties integration in thin film development, nonlinear optics and photonic materials, solar energy materials and computational physics. In order to meet the specialty requirements, we are now equipped with 13 laboratories for teaching and research purposes.

 The departmental is constantly developing according to the current trend in the techno-industry. The department not only maintains the original fundamental development in physical science, but also respond through teaching and research in conjunction with national industries. Therefore, the department is now divided into the physics division, and the photoelectric and material divisions. The curricula emphasize both theory and practice in addition to traditional courses. In terms of advancement, a series of courses in photoelectric technology, thin film physics, nano technology and microelectronics in addition to some highly industry-related lab courses will be provided to cultivate the specialties of the students. With the experimental skills acquired, the students’ overall competiveness will be promoted. Our department produces graduates who are well equipped to become academics or professionals in the industry.

Master program

Coordinating with the trend of national technological development and the cultivation of fundamental science personnel, the master’s program of the department sets the scope of interests in advanced Physics, optoelectronics and material science. Through the theoretical and technical courses in addition to fundamental Physics knowledge, graduates of this program have the capability to become specialized personnel in manufacturing industries, as well as science researchers in Physics.