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This trip to Japan, we went to SPRING-8, Himeji, Kyoto Inari Shrine, Gion, Uji, Osaka. Thanks for the opportunity to let me visit SPRING-8 and I’m surprised that I almost overtake the SPRING-8 minimum age record. The facilities of SPRING-8 are excellent, they serve delicious breakfast, and the environment of SPRING-8 is quiet. If you are lucky, you can see the deer. When the time we live in SPRING-8, everyone could own a big room, the bathtub that can control the water temperature, and you can cycle around the SPRING-8 indoors without basking in the sun. Thank you YenFa Liao for giving us the freedom to use the instrument. I have a good time in Japan. The Torii, geisha, kimono, every place that like movie scene in Japanese street, and thank you accompany me to take a lot of photos. I will never forget, I hope that I will meet these beautiful moments again next time.

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