X-Ray Diffraction Laboratory

Laboratory Services

·       Qualitative and quantitative phase analysis by X-ray powder pattern.

·       Polymorph and crystalline state identification by X-ray powder pattern search and match routines.

·       Measurement of fluorescence and phosphorescence by photoluminescence (PL) spectroscopy.

·       Providing Raman spectroscopy services to rapidly determine the chemical structures and identify

            compounds present by measuring molecular vibrations of a sample, whether solid, powder or liquid.

Our missions

The purpose of the laboratory is to provide X-ray diffraction analysis and to educate our students in the

science of crystallography. Moreover, accurate measurement of PL spectra is important for characterizing

semiconductor and luminescent. The ability to measure Raman spectra adds specificity and enhanced

characterization of materials. These measurements are vital both for research, device characterization

and process monitoring. We provide services to outside users.

Micro-Raman & Micro-PL Sectroscopy
X-ray Diffractometer


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