Non-linear Optics Laboratory

Nonlinear Optics Lab

There are three researching interests in this lab, including the laser dynamics of solid state lasers, the linear and nonlinear optical properties of optical materials, and optical system design.

Research interests

1. The nonlinear dynamics of pumped-modulation microchip solid state laser system

2. The analysis of the behavior of the microchip solid state laser systems with coupling

3. The analysis of absorption coefficient spectrum of optical films

4. The analysis of nonlinear optical properties of optical material by Z-scan

5. Optical system design


Including Optical table, Frequency-double solid state laser system (532nm), Monochromator, Tungsten lamp (250W), Lock-in Amplifier, Laser diode driver and

Temperature controller etc. 

Optical table system (pic 1.) Optical table system (pic 2.)
Optical Power Meter Lock-in Amplifier
Oscilloscope He-Ne Laser
Power Supply + Temperature Controller Monochromator
Quartz Tungsten Halogen Lamps Fligh Compliance Laser Diode Current Source
2400 SourceMeter  


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