Materials Characterization Laboratory

Materials Characterization Laboratory

Our laboratory focuses on the fabrication and measurement of the patterned magnetic material through electron beam lithography technique.

Research interests

1.  The research of the physical properties of the nanomagnetic materials and structures.

2.  The research of spintronics devices

3.  The research of the magnetization reversal in magnetic nano-structures.

4.  The research of coupling effects of multilayer magnetic thin films

5.  The research of the thermal effects of magnetic array system

Scanning Electron Microscope, SEM

E-beam Lithography System

Energy Dispersive Spectrometer, EDS

Carbon Coater

Sputter Coater

Fume Hood

Micromagnetic Simulation System

Ultrasonic Aluminum Wire Bonder

Ultrasonic Aluminum Wire Bonder

Thermal Evaporation System

Scanning Probe Microscopy, SPM

Optical Microscope

Ultrasonic Cleaner

Spin Coater

Electronic Balance



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